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最高红包:7.49美元 发布时间:2022-08-07 截止时间:2035-12-31

 HelloFresh 的餐饮服务起价为每份 7.49 美元。换句话说,你每周只花 53.94 美元购买 2 个人每周 3 份食谱。

The cost of HelloFresh’s meal service starts at $7.49 per serving. In other words, you spend only $53.94 per week for 3 recipes a week for 2 people. Just check out our street cred on Trustpilot, where our customers swear by our service. For instance, one customer claims: 'I LOVE HelloFresh... We saved over $300 a month in groceries because we always bought too much food.' Or, as another customer puts it: ' We save over $100 a week by not going out to eat or even stopping by the grocery store to grab things for dinner!' Of course, each customer experience is different. We charge weekly and not monthly. We make it easier for you to manage your food budget and expenses. Our meal kit service is so convenient you can pause and reactivate your account as you please.